First Weekend with the iPhone

img_5013.JPG Ok, the new hasn’t worn off. In fact, the more I work with it, the more I love it. I’m working to find the online, web-based apps that will make it my tiny palm-sized dream machine. I’ve always hesitated to rely on web-based versions of my core work programs, but I’m now seeing how nicely these web-based programs mesh with use of the iPhone.

I’m sure I’ll be mentioning what I find and offering reviews on what works well over the next days, weeks, and possibly even months. But, for now, here are a few impressions and some finds from my play-time this weekend with my new iPhone:

Safari Browser

I must say that I’m impressed with the Safari browser. It’s nice to be able to see a full-sized thumbnail of my favorite sites, and then to be able to “drill down” to a section I want to read with a quick double-tap.

Online Documents

Google Docs render well on the iPhone and I’m pleased that I’ll be able to upload the documents I’m currently using there, to “take them with me” in a moment’s notice. The problem I find is that I can’t EDIT them. There’s no keyboard, no way to select and edit. When I tap on a word, the whole paragraph highlights. Google’s new folders and layout is particularly nice for use with the iPhone. I’ll be creating personal and coordinated and work folders online to make my taps quicker and my documents a bit more organized for “at a glance” review. Now I’ll be looking for a work around or an app plugin to see if I can work on documents online.

Other online options will work just as well (I just already have an account with Google, so will probably stick for awhile — at least until I explore the rest of the iPhone features and what I can make it “stretch” to do online).

Lists and Organizational Apps

I’m looking at several list-type programs which allow me to enter information on the computer at the office, then fetch that list on the iPhone. All of these options require registration. They all allow me to enter information on the iPhone itself, but I’m not a thumb-boarding whiz on the iPhone yet. Having a full-size keyboard and the ability to enter from the computer is a big deal for me. The ones I’m considering now are:

  • – offers private and shared lists on a web-based application.
  • – they are currently working on smart-lists that autopopulate with a drop-down menu. If this is completed soon, it will win (for me) over iPheed due to the savings in thumboard punches.
  • – shopping list that’s prepopulated with the basics (for single-click ease) as well as offering the ability to add your own custom items to the list. (Stores the list itself on your iPhone, so even without a signal, you can access your list)

I’m also considering the use of a calendar sync program for my desktop calendar and Google calendar so I can see my appointments on my iPhone without duplicate entry. I’ve found GCALDaemon, but haven’t downloaded it yet. If it works well, or if I find other ways, I’ll report back!

Now, I have to get to work!

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