Loving My iPhone — Purchased From Maysville, Kentucky

My new iPhone My best buddy and I went on a road trip last night, barely eeking our way into the Maysville, Kentucky AT&T store at closing time. (OK, they actually held the store open for a couple minutes for us because I’d called and said I was on my way.)

Where to find an iPhone in Kentucky:

Maysville was one of two stores that still had stock in the entire state of Kentucky after the mad-dash run on the little devices yesterday evening. Corbin was the second. The first day of release was really nuts. But, I now have mine all up and running (am watching a large version of a Harry Potter movie while typing this blog entry, as a matter of fact.)

Not a quick set-up:

I had to update my iTunes (which meant that having the tablet PC with me didn’t get me working any faster because downloading on an aircard is powerfully slow). I was back in Lexington soon enough, and I got it all loaded up last night. It was a process, however, not a quick “slip the sim card in” situation.

Also, the iPhone has its own sim card pre-installed and you have to sign up for a data plan ($20 here) to use it. I already had a dataplan on my cell phone (I used it to get online with my Tablet PC). I’m not sure how that will affect my ability to use the tablet aircard now. I’ll figure that out on Monday a.m. with a service call.

What I don’t like:

The hardest part for me is not being an Outlook user — I have to type in all my contacts. I wish there was an easier way to get all my info over into the iPhone. I’ll continue to look for more ways. I wish standard contact formats was better supported. Right now, you have to import from Outlook, OE, or Yahoo! contacts. I use Thunderbird, so this won’t work for me.

What rocks on the iPhone:

  • The touch screen is great. I love the multi-touch functionality.
  • The zoom in for the safari browser is wonderful.
  • Setting up full color photos to identify callers (and I mean BIG ones!) is nice.
  • The email program is well executed (I’ve only tested this a little so far).
  • Having my music, phone, email and web browser all in one package — and that being a package that also plays music videos and movies — well that’s simply awesome.
  • Being able to share that content with the built-in speakers is really nice. That’s something my 60 gig iPod didn’t even have. I like it!
  • The headset/earphone combo is great (I love the little in-line switch). I wonder how long it will be before I wear these out!

I need to read my manual. I have everything set up, but I think there’s a way to designate a song for a ringtone (one of my mp3s). If that’s not possible, it should be. I must research!

I don’t know how long the battery will REALLY last yet. So far, so good, but it’s early yet.

This concludes my initial impressions — now I must go and play and try to figure out how to make this work as my “office in a pocket” as well as an entertainment center. My purse just got about two pounds lighter! :O)

I’ll write more as I learn more.

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