iPhone Sells Out in Less Than One Hour in Lexington, Kentucky

waiting for iPhone Today, people stood in line in the rain and the muck, awaiting the 6 p.m. opening of local AT&T “corporate” stores to buy the elusive iPhone. In under 50 minutes all the phones in the three Lexington stores were gone.

As of this evening at closing time, there were only two places in Kentucky you could still get the phone — Maysville and Corbin. (Maysville had over 20 units — both 4 and 8 gig models).

The Maysville store number is 606-759-5098 and the Corbin store is: 859-523-1888.

The photo was taken at 3:00 this afternoon at the West Reynolds Road location. I guess those wanting the new toys won’t be slowed by rain, or sleet or snow or dead of night, eh?