Witless Protection Program, Anyone?

Lemon: Making Lemonade? Sometimes life gives you lemons… without a WAY to make lemonade (cause the lemons are rotten from the get-go). It’s a fact, and it sucks.

While chatting with a client yesterday I determined that there seems to be an epidemic of this problem. I also determined that if you are at “wits end” with things going the way they are going, that perhaps there needs to be some help available.

Personally, at times like these, I’d love to see a “witless protection program.” Not for those people who are constantly without wits and not for those that don’t try, mind you. It should be reserved for those who do try, who are conscientious… and still life treats you like a large, fat seagull treats a bikini-clad sunbather. *Ready, Aim, FIRE!*

Hmmm…. a witless protection program. Where do I sign up? Ohhhhh… and will THEY relocate me? 🙂

(Note: Image taken from stock.xchng courtesy of photographer bury-osiol)