WordPress for Real Estate Agents: Blogging and More!

House for real estate article Are you curious about WordPress as a publishing tool for your online success as a real estate professional? I was too. And I’ve been using WP on my own blog for some time now. I must say, I love it!

I’ve helped several clients switch over to WP. They love it. Currently I’m in the midst of the process to switch over a HUGE real estate resource site to WP for content management. Using WordPress as a real estate website has many benefits:

  • If you are considering a WordPress site for your real estate blog — or your entire business website — you should really get a self-hosted install rather than a freebie.
  • Get your URL, if you don’t already have one. Select carefully and consider using GoDaddy.com. They are great, inexpensive and actually answer questions when you call them. Go figure! I use them exclusively and have for years.
  • You can even get a hosting account from GoDaddy.com (be sure you get the Linux with PHP option for a smooth install). The basic plan will work fine unless you have a huge number of photos, etc. (You can always upgrade later). If you already have a host you like, stick with them.
  • Unless you are a techie, consider hiring someone to install and customize your WP site and add all the WordPress plugins (your bells and whistles).
  • Now… go waste some time. Go visit the WordPress Themes website. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many options for your new look and feel without having to spend a dime? (You can spend the “design” money on customization and cool elements/features instead.)
  • Be sure that the templates you consider are “widget ready” unless your installer/customizer is able to “widgetize” any theme for you. Ask. Finding a pre-widgeted theme in the beginning will save you money.

(NOTE: Always BACK UP your blog site before adding any bells or whistles, plugins or widgets. It’s just a smart thing to do … EVERY time.)

Next time, I’ll talk about widgets: what they are, how they work and why you would want them on a real estate blog.

Photo taken by mimiliz at morguefile.