Changes in iPhone Featured as Release Date Nears

I read a recent breakdown of changes in the iPhone done by by comparing the keynote speech images with the most recent Apple television ads.

Two completely unrelated thoughts cropped up as I read this…

First… “Eureka! I found someone who is both more anal about things than me — someone who spends time comparing photos of the iPhone to guestimate what the final product will be!”

This thought made me feel much better about my own interest in the iPhone and my previous obsession with the Treo smartphone.

The second thought was… “Hmmmm, with the Bluetooth and the WiFi… I wonder if this device can be hacked to use as a handset for a VOIP service?”

At that point, I decided I needed sleep more than I needed to keep surfing the web, researching and blogging! Apple is highlighting a video tour of the new iPhone, if you aren’t sleepy yet.

Sweet Dreams! (Wake me up early on June 29th!)