Improving SEO on WordPress Websites For Real Estate Agents

It’s been awhile since I’ve really “dug in” where SEO is concerned. Basically, I’ve been working under the assumption (a fairly good one, IMHO and in my humble experience online) that if you build good content, organize it well and use common sense when titling your articles, posts and web pages — that the readers will come.

For my own sites, and my client sites, it’s worked like a charm.

To be fair, I have spent a great deal of time studying SEO in the past and still try to keep abreast of any big changes. But mostly, I’ve determined that avoiding the “tricks” and the “blackhat” methods — and relying on offering a site of useful information and making it easy to find and access that information is the best long-term SEO approach. (I do keep an eye on well-crafted metas and always have an eye on local search.)

Basically, I believe that ethics in SEO — just like ethics in business — is the only way to succeed.

I’ve not been watching the trends as closely lately. Besides, I have been busy transferring this WickedBlog over to WordPress and trying to decide if I wanted to do the same thing to – which still resides on a GeekLog system.

The fact is, I like WordPress better. It’s easier to use, it’s got a great Dashboard with nearly everything I want and there are all these cool wordpress plugins I can get to extend the reach of the basic install. There are also other wordpress plugins that I find from time to time that make life more interesting (either because I can’t get them to function properly — or because I get them installed and they work like a charm).

I’m working with one of my clients now to transfer his current Alpharetta and Johns Creek Georgia Real Estate Website over to a WordPress site. His site is HUGE and seriously content rich, so the conversion trial is taking place on a test site until we determine if it’s going to work.

So far, I’ve not done a Full Featured Real Estate Website in WordPress, so I’m hitting a few challenges. For instance:

  • Getting the meta tags to work as well as the ones we had on a more traditional site
  • Being able to add non-WP functionality for his special features and specific needs, like:
    • His custom photo gallery of Alpharetta School Events that showcases his photography hobby
    • His custom-built featured homes section
    • A Listingware MLS search engine
    • And several projects that are currently underway to improve his offerings
  • Creating a clean navigation tree that is both functional, intuitive and self-explanatory for visitors’ ease-of-use

Over the next few days (maybe a couple of weeks) I’ll be researching tools, plugins and tips and tricks to improve the search engine optimization of WordPress for Real Estate Agents. I’ll share what I find here, and hopefully it will help others take their real estate blog beyond the ho hum and into the realm of the SEO powertool that it can be — all while improving the experience of each individual website visitor.

Aside from the ease of use, the ability to self-edit and update and the cost-effectiveness of using WordPress as a full real estate website — it will also open up RSS directories, blog directories and other exclusive and “blog only” options for real estate agents to use.

And, hopefully, it will encourage would-be real estate bloggers to become blogging masters. This will make them flourish online and help potential clients to relate to them as real people, not just another real estate agent on the web. It will be the “what makes me different” that every agent tries to achieve.

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