Birthdays and Graduations – June 15 is a Busy Day

Today, my eldest son turns 19! Yeah, I’m O-L-D! But he seems to be doing well. I’ll be spending the day with him tomorrow, since he and I both have to work today and he has the day off tomorrow. I have a little surprise for him, but can’t reveal that here, since he’s been reading my blog lately.

My youngest son is attending the High School Entrepreneurship Program at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY. It appears to be an excellent program. I was impressed when I saw the schedule for this week-long event. My son has called every night raving about how wonderful the program is, how much he’s learning, how great the people are and… (since he’s a 17 year old boy) how wonderful the food has been. He swears he still has snacks left from the snack run we made before I dropped him off, which is an incredible statement!

He graduates tonight — and I am impressed. I’ve not seen him involved in anything that has captured him so completely — or made him work so hard. I only wish the Kentucky public education system would take a few notes on “how to inspire excellence in teens” from this group. And they aren’t coddling the kids — Byron says that he’s working his butt off and from what he tells me –he is!

He says he thinks all the people there are great and the participants are all working as hard as he is. Everyone is taking it seriously and that impresses him.

They are covering all the bases of idea and product development, financing, marketing, and have had field trips to local entrepreneurial operations. I’m anxious to talk to him in more detail about the week when we aren’t doing a quick phone call before his next evening business meeting.

I think that impressed me the most — the evening meeting. I told him that he’s really getting a taste of what it’s like to be a small business owner — because he’s working really hard, loving everything about what he’s doing, soaking in as much information from others as he can and is putting in long hours. And, most importantly, he’s happy doing it all!

Now THAT is an effective approach to practical, hands-on education!