Cool Pen Holders: I am On a Mission!

I’ve been searching for the best pen holders to keep my favorite pen within reach on my desktop. I don’t really like sets, but I’ve seen a few cool individual pen holders over the years (like a bronze monkey version that I saw a few months back, but can’t seem to locate now).

And, I assume I’m not the only one looking for a really nice way to protect, display and find my pen on my desk. With that in mind, I decided to share a couple of the cool ones I’ve found with other pen lovers:

  • New Age Designs and Custom Tile Desktop Pen Holder (check out their mousepads and other items too!)
  • Frog Tree Bronze Pen Holder – Note: Levenger’s links go stale quickly and their products also disappear quickly (I think the monkey holder was originally theirs too.)

If anyone else has found a cool pen holder (particularly one for only one or two instruments), please let me know. I’m still looking!

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