Real Estate Success: More About People Than Sales

Brian Brady, over on urged Realtors to stop selling houses in a blog post this weekend. Amen, I say! The alternative? Build memories, of course! He says:

“Neighborhoods don’t have character, they have Characters. Weave these Characters into the stories you tell when you talk about your market. Characters are what entice us. They make the memories your customer’s children will cherish .

Connect the sights, sounds, and smells of the present with a story from your market and you will have inspired the reticent homebuyer’s imagination. Characters call out and beg the buyer to join them in the comedy of life, unfolding on the stage (your market), from a seat in the front row (the house).”

Combining an obvious dedication to service and the decision to place clients before profit, while adding a pinch of nostalgia, Brian cooks up a winning recipe!

And the reward for the Realtor? IMHO… A booming business, happy clients, great referrals and the joy of knowing that what he/she does for a living really matters.

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