Want Your 411 for Free? Want to Advertise Your Real Estate Business? Do Both!

Want to call information for free? Willing to listen to a 15-second audio ad to avoid the usual information charges? Maybe you are out on your cell phone (like I was this weekend) and need some info to save drive time?

1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-373-3411) may be your ticket.

Normally, I pay for “free” content to avoid ads (my favorite TV shows on iTunes is a prime example) — but I would have jumped at the 411 thing this weekend. Jumped, I say!

(You can also search online for free at: http://www.free411.com/index.php)

If you are a real estate agent, or broker, you may also want to consider advertising with this company. They qualify the audience and only play your ad for people seeking your services in the areas where you work. The cost? According to their website, about a nickel. Not bad.

And right now, they have just announced over 200 million callers — with just over 1000 advertisers! Now those are GREAT odds, eh? I’d jump on it if I were selling real estate in this area too.

Note: I don’t know anything about this company other than what I’ve read on their site. Please employ due diligence before deciding to advertise with anyone. I’m sharing the information with my real estate (and small business folks) because I find it to be an interesting concept.