Now THAT Is How Compelling Marketing Copy Should Be Written!

Not everyone is a bag lady at heart — but (as most of you know) I love “go bags” and boxes and containers — especially those made of wood and leather. With that said, maybe this “write up” pulled a little harder at my desire to purchase than it should…

But I must admit that in my eBay perusals over the years, this is an excellent example of a great, descriptive product description. (Update: this auction is long over, so the link is now gone, but you can still visit their store.) I particularly love the parting shot: “Now be honest, if you just read the whole description for the second time, you’re a goner. Just send me your address now, so I can get your box ready.”

It’s a good description with lots of mouth-watering details and a healthy sense of humor to boot. Nice work!

It’s probably only second to one I saw a couple years back where a man was modeling a wedding dress he wanted to sell after he’d been jilted by his lady-love. (That one was a riot — and the man-worn dress ended up selling for much more than it originally cost — all because of the story that was told about how it came to be on eBay!)

This current eBay auction made me want to buy the bag… it REALLY made me want to buy it, but with all the “non-mobility” going on in my life and the “sit in one place” city-ness (or another word that rhymes with that) of my existence at this moment, I can’t justify the buy. But, maybe you can!

And if the auction is expired by the time you read this, visit their online store for hand-made leather bags to read similar content (which is good, but not as good as the eBay version).