Microsoft Surface: This Just May Be What SAVES Microsoft!

Interactive Multi-Touch technology I’ve been thinking that grandpa Microsoft was on the way to the old-folks home for technology. I’ve been making raspberries in his general direction. I’ve been finding alternatives.

And then I see Microsoft Surface — and it actually takes my breath away! It’s AWESOME!!

This is the type of computer integration with my life and my way of doing business and being entertained and staying organized that I’ve always known could be possible — but now I have the details, the funky, cool, OMG details.

This is like the interactive display hardware/software I reported on last year, but it’s so much more — it’s the next generation… and it’ NOW.

I can’t believe I’m recommending my readers go to a Microsoft site… but here I am doing just that.. Visit Microsoft’s Surface site — and watch all three videos. You will be glad you did.


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