iPhone Delayed Due to Demand?

I called Cingular this week to get a cell phone for my son. Yeah, I know, it would normally run against my grain to deliver a cell phone to a teenager — but we are in the city now and he’s a responsible young man. Besides, he’s going to have freedoms here (and places to be) that weren’t possible in a rural setting. He’s also looking for a job.

So, while ordering the phone, I asked about the ETA for the iPhone. The representative said that it was supposed to be June — but that it had been delayed due to demand.

Apparently, the interest has been so high, they are delaying the delivery of the goods until they have a larger stockpile to meet that demand. I know I’m dying to get my grubby little paws on one… but when she told me that the larger memory version would be over $700 with a two year contract, my enthusiasm stalled.

Maybe it’s a misquote, maybe she’s confused, or maybe this device is going to be even more pricey than I anticipated. I guess I’ll just have to pretend to be patient and wait alongside all the other iPod enthusiasts.

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