Ah, Education… Russell County Elementary School

Last Friday was “field day” at Alex’s school. I remember field day from elementary school. I remember it fondly, so I’m ok with that, despite the fact that I DO mind that there has been alot of movie watching the last few days/weeks.

  • Luau Day was today (Monday). They watched a “little bit of CARS (the movie)” while they were doing setup outside. Then they spent the rest of the day outside. Hoping for an educational component of SOME type, I asked my daughter what she learned at the Luau. “How to shoot water guns and hit people in the eye.” Oh yes, that’s charming. Makes a mother proud.
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, is “Picnic Day” wherein they will spend most of the day outside, and my daughter was told they may come in to finish up the movie “CARS” later in the afternoon. Again, no educational component.
  • Wednesday, she’s not sure of the schedule, but assures me that they may do some work or something. Yeah, right. I’m sure she will. *rolling eyes*
  • Thursday is “Fiesta Day” – which is held outside all day. She’s not sure what it’s all about except that she will need sunscreen and will be outside all day.
  • Friday… is an unknown (at least to my daughter).

Where, exactly, is the education and why am I trying to juggle getting the kids here for school during the week, and working up in Lexington to prepare the house on the weekends?!?! I’d ask Byron, but he’s too busy in school right now watching movies and playing cards.

Basically, the testing (CATS testing) is all over. Byron has one final. One. And the only reason he has that is because it’s a college dual-credit course. But that’s ok, he tells me, since they are spending all week this week and next reviewing for the final.

I must be really old. REALLY old. I thought a final was something you studied for at home, into the wee hours of the morning, cramming and sweating and hoping that you remembered everything from the entire year so you would do well on this essential graded portion of a class. (At least that’s the way it was when I had finals.)

I only hope that the Lexington schools will be better because I consider this “education” of my children fraud. Tax fraud… using my money to pay for it. Grrrrrr.

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