Bright Eyes and Miss Dizzy: Sugar Glider Baby Photos

The second pair of baby gliders emerged from the pouch on May 3rd. One joey is a boy and the other is a girl in this latest batch. I’m afraid that our sugar gliders are a bit TOO healthy and happy, judging from the speed with which they are reproducing!

I do worry about the baby girl, however, she seemed awfully small when she emerged and had balance problems at first. She seems to be hanging onto her mommy, Sheena, a bit better this week, but I’m still watching her anxiously. Last week, Sheena had to hold her with one hand while jumping and grasping with her one free hand.

Bright eyes, the larger baby in the photo below, is the same joey I photographed a few days ago… this time wrapped around my thumb (much bigger than Alex’s thumb used before) — so you can see how quickly the little ones are growing. I must say, Bright eyes is my favorite in quite some time. She’s terribly sweet.

Want to see more photos? (including some of the newest addition?)