Mini Rant: Grammar, Education and Mommy Fits

My daughter has picked up several bad habits from exposure to the elementary education systems in Casey and Russell County Schools. It bothered me when my child (who spoke perfect, grammatically correct English in the pre-K years) returned from first grade using the same incorrect language I’d heard fall from her teacher’s lips. It made me a little nuts, but I corrected at home and kept moving ahead. “We was” and “They is” demonstrated the worst of it and was corrected in fairly short order.

Apparently, when a child gets older… say nine, for the sake of argument… correcting things that have been learned then unlearned and relearned incorrectly takes longer. My latest gripe? “Has boughten” as in ‘My friend Tiffany has boughten a new toy.”

I lose all “good Mommy” points for a month when I hear that projecting itself, all crooked and angular and WRONG from my daughter’s mouth. I see red. I hop up and down and… yes… I raise my voice.

“Boughten is NOT a word!!! Go look it up in the dictionary. If it’s not there, you are never EVER to use it again!! Am I making myself perfectly clear on this? Go to your room!”

(Then I have a private fit once she leaves my sight that involved dancing around and stomping my foot and shaking my fist at no one in particular.) It’s unseemly behavior that I’d prefer she never actually witness first-hand.

Boughten indeed! Boughten… grumble… grumble… blasted Kentucky schools!

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