Tiny Houses: Taking Tiny to a Whole New Micro-Scale

The latest issue of Wired Magazine (my favorite subscription) featured a new take on small spaces with high-tech features and micro-design. It was too cool not to share with those of you who love a good tiny house as much as I do.

The online version offers a slide show (not offered in my printed version) that brings the tiny space to life. My son is salivating for this little boxy creation to put on the farm, overlooking the “big creek” as his own little bachelor pad.

It has a price-tag of nearly $100K and can be outfitted with solar and wind power collectors to run completely off-grid.

I must say if he DID have this pricey little creation, he might find that he would have a regular visitor… me!

Check out this tiny house with incredible features — and only 76 square feet of space!