Education in Kentucky: The End of School is Near…

Education in Kentucky gets me “all riled up.” My daughter got her report card on Tuesday. That’s the 24th of April, it was printed out on the 23rd (Monday). And the report date was 3/17/07 – 5/24/07.

She did well… only one B (in Language Arts, which kinda chaps my butt on general principal because I’m her Mom and that’s my “thing”) and the rest are A or A+.

So what’s my gripe? My gripe is that the term, the YEAR, doesn’t end for another month, but she’s already got her final grades. I’ve said for ages that the kids do NOTHING to learn anything after CATS testing, but how much more physical proof do I need than this?

I’m jumping through hoops right now, trying to figure out how to make a move to Lexington on May 1st, and keep the kids in school down here until May 24th — the official last day of school.

Last night, both kids told me that there was no testing today (because it’s a Friday, they say — apparently following the same bizarre logic that prevents assignment of homework on this day of the week year-round in this school system). So, they would be watching movies and having free time all day. Byron offered to stay home and help me do some packing and prepare for the move. But, because he’s missed so much school from the kidney stones earlier this year, I don’t dare keep him out and risk him losing a credit or not completing the necessary requirements to move to senior year. Requirements which are, apparently, to watch movies and gab with friends during “free time.”

This is honestly making me nuts. And the same thing happened last year when he was not permitted to go to Colorado during the last week of school. It really has NOTHING to do with education and everything to do with money for the school.

Heck, they are even holding pep rallies for the testing… and offering CASH reward drawings for those children who do exceptionally well on the exams… to the tune of $500. Oh, and they also get “bonus points” to add to any class they like, if they do well on the exams. And it leaves me just shaking my head and wondering where the Kentucky Department of Education stands on such crap. How exactly is that “right” or a “reasonable representation” of academic performance?

I know where I stand. I stand about hip-deep in this crap trying really hard not to pitch a fit of my own. I am anxiously awaiting a move to Lexington, where I can only HOPE that there is a real education available there for my teenage son. Although I love the people at my daughter’s school, I do hope that the educational offerings will be a bit more challenging at her new school as well.