The Worst is Over

The challenges of the last couple weeks seem to be settling down now. There are still numerous details to juggle and I’m still overwhelmed — but I’m much more upbeat now than I was a few short days ago (a few hours of sleep does wonders!)

Wayne is feeling much better and was released from the hospital on Sunday. He will be able to return to work next week. I’m relieved and (as a result) was finally able to take that nap I so desperately needed. 🙂

Today, Wayne and I went to court with my youngest son and completed the adoption process that has been in process for so many months. Byron is now officially a Parker! Both father and son are thrilled, as am I. Last week, we had been worried that the date would have to be pushed out, but it all worked out perfectly.

Wayne called his parents this afternoon to tell them they were the proud grandparents of his brand new 150-pound bouncing baby boy and I tease Wayne that he now has “an heir about him.” All told, we had a wonderful, albeit exhausting, day.

Now, I’m facing the rest of the moving process. I hope to have all the packing done by the end of this weekend. We take possession of the new house on May 1st and still need to figure out how to juggle the kids to allow them to finish school here before moving them there. We may move Alex with only a few days left in school, but Byron (being in High School) really needs to stay put so he doesn’t endanger his credit hours.

Never mind that they quit teaching over a week ago in order to prepare for the CATS tests, and that movies and free time are the standard for the afternoons after the test-review is finished. And, also never mind that once the testing is over, they do little to no classwork for the remainder of the year.

*This is me NOT getting on that soap box at this particular moment*

I’ll be thrilled to have the kids in a better school system. I’m happy that Wayne will have a wider selection of potential employment opportunities, and hope he can find one he truly enjoys. Byron is hoping to get his own job too — something he can’t do while we live out in rural areas. Alex is getting excited about living close enough to be able to walk to her grandparent’s house (not alone, mind you, I’m too paranoid for that). So we are logging all the silver linings.

Everyone has been wonderful and we have had offers of help from family and friends touching all bases. My friend Daphne is coming down this weekend to help me with the packing. We have Wayne’s brother an sisters offering to help paint as soon as we take possession of the house (along with a couple friends). Both our fathers have offered to help us make the actual move (gotta love men who drive trucks!) My father is offering to stay here at the cabin with Byron so he can finish the school year, if we need it and my sister has called regularly to offer help and moral support. Early on, she even offered to let us move into their downstairs apartment while we got things settled!

I’m pleased that our new house was located so quickly in the right area, for the right price, in the right school district. I had one day to go to Lexington and find an apartment or a small house and get it secured for a move in mid-May. I ended up finding a four-bedroom house with a nice sized yard, impressive built-in storage, lots of closets, beautiful woodwork and details, and a full basement. I can also take Zoe (our dog) and the Sugar Gliders. Additionally, there is a huge driveway area for Serenity and I have already received approval from the owner to park my office there. And as proof that Karma is at work… there’s even an outside plug already in place to power up the Airstream!

It just seems that the house was waiting on me to find it. It’s also several hundred dollars less per month than the smaller rental properties in the same (and nearby) areas.

I’ve gone from feeling a bit pitiful to feeling really lucky. Things are coming together nicely. I think it’s going to be a good move, even if it’s not what I expected or even what I wanted a couple weeks ago.

I briefly considered buying, but I’m not ready for that commitment right now. I swore years ago that I’d never be held hostage by another mortgage and (so far) my hubby still agrees. So, for now we rent. It does seem odd to own 25 acres and a house that’s nearly completed — and to rent a home in the city. Quite odd. But, that’s what’s needed for now.

Things always work out and things happen for a reason. I know, that sounds canned (and corny), but it’s true. It’s amazing how some real difficulties will make you reassess your life and realize how good you really have it — right after you were feeling a bit out of sorts with the way things were going.

I’m planning to return to work on Monday and I’m really looking forward to that. I miss my job! And, with the progress I’m making, I’ll be able to return earlier than I anticipated. I was afraid it would be well into May before things regained enough stability for me to give my clients my best work. Now, I think I’ll be ready to roll much sooner.

I appreciate the support and assistance of all those who stepped in, helped out and kept me moving forward during the tough times, my family, friends, and those peers who offered help and to my wonderful and understanding clients — thank you!