A Challenging Week

This week has tested my resolve and altered my future. This week I had the opportunity to review what really matters in my life in a very real way. This week, the plans to travel next year were dashed. This week, the plans to move back to the farm were postponed indefinitely. This week, I made plans to move to the city — a place I hope I won’t despise.

We have rented a four-bedroom house just off the University of Kentucky campus. I’m looking at the bright side…

  • It’s closer to the medical facilities we now need
  • It’s within walking distance of the University
  • Everything is convenient
  • It’s closer to family and friends

And I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that I’ll be in the middle of the city, unable to see the stars, unable to go a few yards before I’m in public spaces, unable to enjoy any privacy outdoors, unable to walk in the woods, unable to live the way I’ve become accustomed to living.

It’s going to be quite an adjustment and this was not a move I ever expected to make. But life throws some curveballs sometimes and this is merely one of mine this week.

We move in May… and my new “city” life begins. Maybe by then, a week and a half away, I’ll be more sunny about the prospect. Right now, I’m thinking of the physical move, the planning and the fact that I need to get things back to some sense of “normal” a.s.a.p., so I can get back to the business of running my business.

This last week is not one I’d ever want to repeat. It’s been one in which alot of decisions were made quickly and necessarily. It’s been a tsunami of “overwhelm” and I’m hoping the tide goes back out soon and it returns to a more rhythmic beating of smaller waves against my shores.

For now, I prepare to make yet another trip into the city to settle more details. For now, I just wish I could take a nap.

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