OneNote Replacement? A Few Options

Notebook image I’ve been looking for some way to replace OneNote. It’s not that I mind paying for the software — even to Microsoft. After all, I can graciously admit this is one program that they do EXTREMELY well. And, nothing else I’ve seen in the opensource world even comes close. I have reviewed a couple other paid TabletPC-centric notes programs (like Evernote). I didn’t like them as much. And, OneNote 2007 is far superior to the 2003 version of the same program.

I’d pay twice the list price for OneNote 2007 — if it were available in a version that would run on Linux. I know there is a “windows environment” option for Linux that permits users to run Windows programs, but the fact is I open it far too often to switch back and forth to access it. I want my perfect notes program at fingertip access.

My only complaints with OneNote? I would like:

  • a quicker launch time
  • a way to easily export entire pages or notebooks in bulk
  • it to run on Linux
  • it to be opensource so the community that uses it could help improve it

For these reasons, I’m still searching. Since I think others may be wondering, researching and weighing their own options here, I’m sharing my finds.

A few opensource Note-Taking Options (some Linux only) you may want to investigate:

Paid Options you may consider:

  • MyBase – entire note taking and information management system, impressive at first glance – runs on Linux or Windows or Pocket PC
  • NoteStudio – I had to mention this one (was one of my favorite wiki-style programs when I used a Treo because it offered both Palm and Windows Desktop Platforms) and is what got me started on my love-affair with notes programs

A few online options:

  • – an online notes program geared for students
  • backpackit – online note taking and organization site
  • – online “clipping” service for using information across multiple computers
  • Google Notebook – an online note taking program from the makers of my favorite search engine
  • MyNoteIt – another student-oriented note taking online program

NOTE: I love note-taking software, but I shy away from anything that places my essential, private, business and personal information online. You, however, may not have those hangups 🙂
Other thoughts:

  • Personal Wiki – free and written for windows and mobile windows platforms

There is an amazing variety of open source note-taking options — from sticky notes to databases to wikis to text documents to mind-mapping to online versions to cross-platform straddling programs. It’s a personal decision, and a confusing one for those of us dedicating time and energy to finding the perfect open source, full featured note taking “silver bullet.”

(Note: Notebook image was taken from stock.xchng and from member scol22. )

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