Another Update on Chatterbug

For those who haven’t been on the website in the last few hours, go and visit the site. You will see that the company address is now on the contact page, and that you may now remove your credit card number from the system without difficulty or error messages.

I got an email from a reader (thanks, John!) letting me know that he was able to remove his credit card this morning and thanking me for my “detective work.” I, too, was finally able to remove my credit card number.

The president of Chatterbug has been quickly responsive — once I could actually find his number and call him. He has stayed in touch with me by both phone and email as he’s orchestrated most of the changes to the system I recommended.

What still hasn’t happened (that I find bothersome) is that:

  1. There is still no indication of trouble on the index page for any new customers
  2. There has still not been an email sent out to existing customer informing them of what’s going on — or at least touching base with them
  3. The recorded message on the main phone line still has not changed and offers no information about the restoration of service, or what the actual problem is.

Mr. Ryan has been helpful and quick to respond, but it’s a shame that the company is missing the opportunity to spin this situation into a customer service opportunity. Most (but not all) people are willing to stick with a company through the tough times if they are offered insight into the difficulties and if they are ASKED to stay.

Leaving people wondering what’s going on is never an effective way to provide customer service or gain customer loyalty, IMHO.

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