ChatterBug Problems Update: Contact Information

I’ve been looking for contact information on this slippery company and have found the following:

The office number (non-toll free version) on their website (520-888-2036) yielded nothing in a reverse phone look up.

Doing a Who-IS look up only gave:

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: ok
Updated Date: 26-oct-2006
Creation Date: 06-sep-2001
Expiration Date: 06-sep-2007

So that was a dead end.

A quick search of the trademark database for the “Chatterbug ™” device itself, gave nothing on a first pass — but I may come back to this if I don’t find what I need. The trademark database often foils me the first couple of times I look for something.

Searching through the press on the ChatterBug site itself, I discovered that the parent company is Laguna Wave ( with Chatterbug company’s corporate officer information here. (Update 2011: None of the links in this article go to the company anymore.) And the following customer service statement:

7 days a week, 365 days a year Customer / Technical Support. We’re there no matter what. At Lagunawave, your questions are addressed professionally, accurately and quickly.

I’ve already attempted to reach Kathleen Clark — and she doesn’t return calls. I could find no cross-referencing information on Sean Ryan (the University of Nevada doesn’t keep a database of alumni information I can search). So, I thought I’d go on to Daniel Riscalla, and see what I could find on this CME company where he presides.

CME pulled up alot of information, but I finally found a little page, which I’m fairly sure I should never have been able to find — but at least it has recently updated information! From there I was able to locate a company website address and then a phone number for Daniel Riscalla.

I called him and asked if he had a contact number for Chatterbug. His was the 866-690-3919 number that we all know and love (and have called for over two weeks with no results).

I asked if he were on the board of Laguna and he said no, that he had done some technical work for them, but that he was not on the board. (Note that he is listed as the “Chief Technology Officer” on the Laguna website.)

He was willing to give me a physical address for the company, however. And it’s not in California, it’s in Arizona. With the address, I cross referenced and found a property management company in the same building.

Physical Address for the company office:

2524 West Ruthrauff Road
Suite 106
Tuscon, AZ 85705

From there, I was able to get a contact number for Sean Ryan and the information that the BBB had already been out to investigate and that a larger and larger number of callers had been looking for information. The nice man at the property management office asked me to call him if I knew what was going on, so I told him why he was getting more and more calls.

I called and left a message on Sean Ryan’s Cell phone and I have not heard back. So, if you would like to try your own hand at reaching Sean… you too may call his cell phone at 949-439-8366.

And, if you would like to file your own complaint with the BBB, you can visit the Tucson Office online here: I just completed filing my own.

Hope this helps others having problems with Chatterbug VOIP service.

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