Happy Birthday to My Son

Birthday Candle My baby boy turns 17 today. Gee that makes me sound old, and even more scary… it makes him old. All the big celebrating is over — he already has his blog site (which was granted early so he could begin expressing himself). It still needs a few tweaks, but it’s usable now and I hope to complete the remaining items this week.

He already has his silver pattern addition (I managed a salad fork and a spoon this year). He collects a Tiffany pattern and it’s taking some time, but I hope to get him a complete 2 place set before he leaves home. That way, my gourmet-cook son can entertain someone special for dinner as well as enjoy them on a daily basis for himself. Maybe it’s weird (Wayne thinks it is) but Alex, Byron and I all have our own silver pattern that we use. I have a complete one place setting (a beautiful, overworked baroque style of sterling). Byron now has a two forks and two spoons. Alex only has a spoon right now (hers is a lily pattern that is also terribly ornate that she selected and requested for her birthday this year.) She’s already requested a fork for the next occasion.

We already did Byron’s big surprise (the concert). I was afraid that today would be a little anti-climatic after all the lead up stuff, but he got so excited this weekend when he realized that at 17 he no longer has to get permission to go to a rated R movie. That seemed to be a very big deal.

Tonight, we will break into the chocolate madness cheesecake he requested and some triple-chocolaty ice cream. At times like these, I know he’s mine! He, Alex and I are all chocolate freaks. Wayne prefers caramel-type flavors and Nicholas likes a variety.

So we will settle in and light a few candles and wish my youngest son well as he transitions into adulthood over a plateful of chocolate.

Wednesday, I’ll be taking my eldest son (now out of the military) up north in the state to the apartment he’s planning on sharing with a buddy, so he can begin the next stage of his life as an adult.

And tomorrow, I think I’m going to spend a little extra time with Alex, before I blink and she grows up too. She’s decided that she wants a big girl hair-cut, and I know that once she gets it, the little girl I knew and loved will transform into a young lady. With the kids, it always seems to be a radical haircut that changes them from childhood into the next phase. I dread that. I really do.

(Note: Image taken from stock.xchng courtesy of photographer melodi2)