My Weekend “Off” — Another Myth

I lost a bet. I almost NEVER lose bets. Main reason? I don’t bet unless it’s a “sure thing” or something really close to a sure thing. I’m not much of a gambler.

But, a client bet me that I’d not be able to stick with my commitment to not work on weekends. I could justify the last two, since one was before the trip to Florida (getting ready), and one was the weekend after (catching up). But then, when I had to give up my weekend again this time… well, there’s no more fooling myself.

So I guess that beautiful box of exquisite chocolates are going to stay elsewhere. They were probably not that good anyway… and loaded with calories… (sour grapes) .

So, this Saturday, I did my taxes – spitting and sputtering and cursing and hating every second of it. But, the little suckers are complete and e-filed. And today, I installed a wireless network for a client. Not usually a big deal, but their modem was a router/modem combo and networks don’t really like two routers.

Troubleshooting a Wireless Network with a Modem/Router Combo

In case you are wondering, the trick is to assign a static IP address (out of the random range for the modem/router) to the second router (wireless in this case) and then bridge it. The fact that they have a network hub just made things that much more fun! And, of course, there was the whole reworking the printer and file sharing for their set-up as well.

I’m thrilled to say I had it all complete and working (knocking on wood) in just over four hours. So with the two hour travel time each way, I only had 8 hours of work time invested in my Sunday… for me, that’s a short day.