Motion Releases New LE-1700 Model Tablet PC

Ok, I’m salivating. This new Motion tablet has it all. First, I’m a power-user, my little LE-1600 is often screaming “mercy!” from my multi-tasking ways — but this new duo-core model offers an upgrade to 4Gigs of memory. That’s enough to keep even me quiet for a few months.

It also offers “write touch” technology so it can be a touch screen OR I can use a digitizer pen. Whoo Hoo! And, it doesn’t require me to go to Vista OS to get it — it’s still offering Windows Tablet PC OS.

Now, if I do upgrade to this new model, it may take ages to recover from the financial hit — my dream machine “weighs in” at just under $5500 with all the extras — but that sure would be a sweet little mobile machine. *sigh*

Of course (justifying my hardware desires here) — if I bought a new Tablet, I’d get the stuff that I now know I need, that I didn’t know when I bought my current Tablet. For instance…

  • I’d get the extra memory — as much as I could afford.
  • I’d get the View Anywhere screen.
  • I’d get the largest HD offered.
  • I’d spring for the extended battery and the charger.

I have to go look at it a bit more and try not to get any more slobber on my chin. Want to join me in the lookie-loo fest? Visit the Motion Computing LE-1700 Tablet PC Page!