Louisville Gardens – March 27th, 2007 – Evanescence, Chevelle, Finger 11


I didn’t take photos (I was one of the few people who actually listened when I was told “no cameras”) at the concert. I sorta wish I’d been less honest. But, I did find this on YouTube this morning, to give you a bit of the “flavor” of the event:

Amy put on a great show. The thing that impressed me the most (aside from her amazing voice) was the fact that she never took a break. She never slowed down. I (being my age) had a hard time simply standing through her entire show. In the meantime, she bounced around on stage — working it from corner to corner, belted out song after song — with an awesome vocal range, and did solos on the piano while her band members took a break. It was impressive. Quite.

I’m sure more video will appear over the next few hours on YouTube. I noticed that the difference between concerts now and concerts back in my day were quite different (and that will be an upcoming post of its very own) but there were a number of cameras, phones and other devices recording bits and pieces of the show.

All the band’s work was good, some pieces were great, and her solo of “Good Enough” was stellar.

I fully expected Evanescence to be a “studio” band that didn’t show well on stage. I never thought Amy Lee’s voice would be as enchanting without a controlled environment. I was wrong — and I’m glad I was.


Chevelle sucked. That’s it. That’s all. They sucked. To be fair, they aren’t really my style of music in the first place, but on stage… it got worse. It left me feeling old and critical. I wondered how the guitarists would walk upright in a few years if they always played bent so far other their guitars that their heads brushed the floor in front of them. Maybe I was just jealous of the flexibility. I can’t even touch my toes, so it may be a matter of sour grapes.

The music was literally a mass of booms and the vocals was a mass of screams and mumbles. If the concert had been JUST Chevelle, and if I’d not been there for my son’s sake, I’d have walked out. They were that bad, IMHO.

Finger 11

Finger 11 was a pleasant surprise. I knew a couple of their songs (and have just purchased their latest album via iTunes). The band gave a great show. It was high-energy and the lead singer has a great, clear voice. It was an enjoyable experience.

Now, the guitarists and the drummer were having a blast during their show. And, I must admit that the acrobatics exhibited by the long-haired guitarist (I don’t know names) was amusing. I mean, honestly, it looked like his guitars kept trying to escape — either flying away or slithering off stage, and his job was to grab them, contain them and try to play a few notes between escape attempts.

You really have to SEE this to understand what I mean, and there’s not any footage of it online yet. I’ll illustrate by linking in if any appears in the next few hours.


  1. Chevelle – Two Thumbs Down
  2. Finger 11 – Interesting, up and coming band I’ll be watching. Thumbs up.
  3. Evanescence – Rock on, Amy Lee! — I expected to like it, but I loved the show. What talent, energy and stage presence she has to be so young. I will continue to collect her albums.

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