My Son’s Birthday Surprise – Evanescence, Finger 11, Chevelle Concert in Louisville, Kentucky

Today, I was the coolest Mom alive. Yup, honestly. I picked up my son just after 12 noon from school and surprised him with the rest of the day (a week early) to celebrate his 17th birthday.

I invited his girlfriend to be in on the surprise, so she was waiting in the car when I checked him out of school. We whisked him off (without telling him where we were going) to Louisville. He thought the gift was a half day off school and to see his girlfriend (who recently moved back to the state).

Birthday traditions

Every year, since he was 8, my son has been permitted to take off a day from school — and everything else for his birthday. It’s something I have done for all my kids for years — they are “king” or “queen” for the day. I started this back when I decided that I wasn’t going to do anything on my own birthday (not work, not be committed to any project). I decided that birthdays were really special and should be revered.

It’s bothered him that THIS year he was going to have to attend on his birthday because he had kidney stones that knocked him out of alot of school. He can’t afford to miss any more full days. He’s been rather mopey about this fact.

Planning the surprise

He never suspected that I would pick him up a week early to do a birthday thing — and I did it a week early because one of his favorite bands (along with a couple other hot bands) were playing in Kentucky. I’d looked at tickets to this show on (and a day either side of) his birthday, but they would have involved long road trips and/or plane rides. Then I tripped across this date — only a week early and playing in Louisville! I’ve had the tickets for awhile now, and only added another when his girlfriend moved back into town.

So, I picked him up just a couple of classes early so we could get to Louisville and get in line for decent seats. I already had our tickets, but it was general seating and I didn’t want to have his first concert experience be viewed from the rafters.

Coordination configuration

I realized it takes a village to raise kids and coordinate a surprise. My parents picked up my eldest son out of town, so I could pull this off and loaned me a car so I didn’t have to rent one. My hubby took Alex to my best friend’s house before he went to work. She kept my daughter overnight. Her new hubby promised her back to Danville on his way into work so I could pick her up at 6:30 a.m. and drive her two counties away to get her to school on time tomorrow a.m. And the girlfriend’s grandfather met me in town so I could pick her up before getting Byron. *WHEW*

And I’ve worked day and night and the weekend to catch up work enough to be able to take off on a Tuesday — my busiest workday of the week — just to make this all come together.

The end result

The seats were excellent. My son was thrilled and it was a great day. I’ll review more about the event itself after grabbing a bit of sleep.

For now, I’m wiped out!