I’m in Good Company with My “No More Microsoft OS and Vista” Decision

My father is converting to Linux. It’s something he’s considered for awhile, but he’s all bent about the new MS Vista release. I told him my concerns about the use of the CPU to be “big brother” to be sure you were doing nothing wrong — and my concerns that my own iTunes and ripped CD content would no longer be playable on Vista (among a plethora of other concerns).

They may have fixed this by now… I’m beyond caring. I quit researching the new Vista OS when I hit “saturation” point on the issues I wasn’t willing to accept. I’ve made my plan to scoot away from Windows-based computing completely. Pops is going to make the OS swap before I am, but I’m well on my way with applications already.

I saw an article today that referenced the fact that the US government is also moving away from the MS model. It quoted, in particular, the FAA and the DOT as they consider a move toward Linux.

Time Line:

My time line involves adopting open source versions of the software I need this year. I’ll only be considering open source that has a windows and a Linux version for this first pass. The open source programs I’m testing are going extremely well.

I figure if I can get all (or most) of my applications installed, tested and work out the learning curve… I’ll be ready to take on a new operating system in 2008. By the end of 2008, I don’t plan to have any windows based platforms or programs running.

To do all this AND keep an Internet-based business running may be a challenge, but I’m up for it. If Pops works out the kinks in the OS and I work on the applications, we should save each other a bit of time in the long-haul.

Special Challenges:


I know that my love of the Tablet may make this decision harder for me. I don’t care. I am willing to spend more time on tweaking my hardware drives and my software needs — even to the point of reevaluating my entire business model to avoid unnecessary use of Microsoft products.


I’ve found most of what I need, but I’m still struggling with a good open source accounting program that is simple enough and comprehensive enough AND is cross platform compatible.

The thing that I didn’t expect? I’m probably going to send Microsoft some more money to keep my OneNote going for now — my trial and betas have expired and it’s become an essential tool. That gripes my backside… but if they get only a little of my support (financially) this year, while I work out the details, so be it.

Bottom Line

Once this transition is made, I’ll look at what I’ve saved and donate 50-75% of that savings to my favorite open source developers and developer groups. That way, I win, they win and I put my money where I want to support the right causes.

I’ll be sharing more of my finds over the next few months. I have a blog note set up with resources and programs that I’m planning to try out in the near future.

With the revamp of WickedBlog to WordPress from Geeklog, the demands of my business, my family and now this new uber-big project… it may take awhile before I can test it and type it all up.

But… it’s coming!