Voluntary Simplicity for a Tiny House: Organizing Your Closet

Some areas are tougher than others when you begin your journey to a simpler existence. These areas of your home will stop your efforts dead, if you are not both diligent and careful.

I offer the following tips for these areas to help you push through the hard spots. The first (and the top offender) in the “collections and stuff I don’t really need” category is the closet.

The Closet

Discard the following items immediately:

  • Anything that is stained, torn or in poor repair (If you haven’t fixed it already, you probably won’t)
  • Anything that is too tight, too short, too big, too sloppy or “too” anything (If you shrink or grow, you can buy new clothes)
  • Anything you haven’t worn in the last year (Seasonal or not, one year should be your limit)
  • Accessories that are too good to discard, but that you never use (Get rid of them already! Give them to a friend or donate them)
  • Anything that simply does not go with anything else you own. (It doesn’t matter how cool it is if it doesn’t go with anything else)

If you get rid of something you love that falls into the above categories, replace it with something similar that fits, isn’t stained or torn. To test the items you decided to keep, use this organizer’s trick: Turn all the hangers in your closet backward and flip them forward only when you wear a particular item. If, after a season ends (that’s three months) you have any “backward” hangers that remain, donate those items without further consideration.

Also be sure that when you buy anything new that the item is:

  1. Perfect – don’t invest your time, money and storage space in anything that is merely OK. It should be a perfect fit, a flattering color and should coordinate with the other items in your closet.
  2. Necessary – something that you really need.
  3. A replacement for something else – discard at least one existing item from your closet for anything new you bring in to keep the volume under control.

The closet is the perfect place to begin organizing your tiny house (or your not-so-tiny house) to create a more inviting home environment. If you can gain control of the clutter in one single location, it will help you to tackle the next project. Like, maybe the kitchen (which I’ll discuss next time).

Happy sorting!

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