ChatterBug Service Goes Down, Stays Down

After being extremely pleased with the results of using ChatterBug for my long distance, I’ve hit a brick wall. Last week, while I was still in Florida, the service went down. The company sent out an email offering an alternate 800 number to use to place calls.

This meant an additional step, but I was ok with that because 1.) I wasn’t using the service at the moment and 2.) Contacting me with a word-around is great customer service. Things happen, I get that. I’m ok with a temporary work around for snafus.

However, it’s now Tuesday and the service still isn’t working — and neither is the “work around” 800 number. They don’t even offer the opportunity to leave a message today either (I left one yesterday). Now, they have a recording saying that the service is down, that they have no idea when it will be restored and that I should continue to call back because they will update the recording as things change…

Well, suddenly this is not acceptable. This sucks. I’m without a long distance option and I have no way to contact anyone there to determine what I can do about it — or to report that the 800 “work around” number is not working either. Seems like they would know that, but it also seems like they would provide another one — even from another vendor — to keep their customer base.

If it’s not fixed by Wednesday, I’ll be walking. I’ll go back to Qwest.

I like new technologies and wanted to give them a chance. If this had been a traditional service provider, I would have walked on Saturday. But, I want to support the development of new ways to communicate and more affordable options — of course that only works if the service actually OFFERS a service, doesn’t it? *sigh*

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