Katrina Helps Bring Tiny Houses Into the Mainstream

I found an article today about the tiny houses being built by Lowes for the needs of Katrina survivors. These minuscule dwellings offer all the basics and nothing extravagant. These and other homes like them are, IMHO, the wave of the future.

I’ve watched and dreamed about the designs of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company for several years now, myself. I even developed the floor plan for my own house based, in great part, on the desire to keep the footprint small and the utility high in my home.

Our cabin, for instance, has a huge, covered front porch, a single bathroom, a sleeping nook downstairs and two tiny bedrooms upstairs. It has an open living area upstairs and an open downstairs and still comes in (with everything we need) at just under 800 square feet. It’s charming and I can’t wait to finish construction and move back to the farm to enjoy it. (Of course I want to travel a bit in our tiny house on wheels — aka “Serenity” the Airstream trailer for awhile first).

I’m not the only one saying “no” to the super-sized approach to dwellings. And I expect this trend to gain steam and more widespread appeal in the near future.

People are tired of being enslaved by their home. They are beginning to reject the collection mentality and they are beginning to see sustainable lifestyles as a way to live a better life, not merely a greener one.