Politics, US Debt, War and Sanity

I saw some interesting information the other day about the current debt load in America — the result of the “war on terror” (aka: Bush’s public display of overwhelming narcissism).

And I felt that the $145 billion in additional debt for his little role as the vain queen gazing into a mirror and crooning “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest little guy of them all?” could have been better spent in other ways.

For a graphic breakdown of alternative projects for that debt, I refer you to the Budget Graph Blog (aka: Death and Taxes: A Visual Graphic of Where Your Tax Dollars Go). It’s pretty interesting stuff.

As always, I support our troops and all those individuals with the horrid responsibility to protect us and enforce the orders of their not-so-superior commander in chief. It’s not a job I’d want. But the commander himself??? Very little respect and support streaming from me in his general direction these days.