It’s St. Patty’s Day!

This is, hands down, my favorite holiday. Has been for years. But today, being away from home and having this HUGE conversion project underway for my blog has dampened my usual high St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

It’s going to take ages to get my new WordPress blog here on WickedBlog working exactly the way I need it to work. I’m verbose. I write alot. Usually, that doesn’t bother me. But, usually, I’m not in a position of checking over 500 posts for errors, for weirdnesses in funny characters that happen when you convert databases (like question marks inside black diamonds — what’s up with that!?!?)

I know this is going to be great when it’s complete — I already see indications of greatness around the edges — but for now I’m frustrated. It will pass, but for today… I’m just frustrated.