Florida Condo Lifestyle: I Could Like This!

Our generous cousin has loaned us his condo for the week. It’s a beautiful little place all bright and white and window-laden. It meets my “tiny house” criteria of having a low square footage, having an open and airy floor plan and is designed to bring the outdoors indoors. I like. A LOT.

Right now, I’ve taken a jog of a few yards from the front door of the condo to the onsite restaurant. I was in search of a wi-fi connection so I could upload and download a few files a little quicker than my air card can do this work. But, when I stepped into the restaurant, I decided I’d work here a bit and grab dinner, even without access to wi-fi.

The rest of the crew is off adventuring. This was a work day for me. I sent them off with my camera, or I’d take a picture of the view to share here. The dining room is glass on three sides and is up just high enough to gaze over the dune that frames the beach. I see a small ship out in the distance, I watch the rhythmic pulsing of the waves even though I can’t hear them inside.

It seems that I’ve made it in time for the early bird special. How quaint. So I’m munching on the bread basket treats and the dark green salad, sipping a complimentary glass of red wine and awaiting my entree. I was even seated near an outlet without getting the customary funny look or being questioned about my request. How refreshing! The one thing about carrying a tablet PC is that people don’t immediately see that you are carrying a computer, and they tend to question requests that involve the term “outlet” in relation to dining. Go figure. I didn’t even get a funny look for dining alone and was not asked if others would be joining me, after responding “one” to the question “how many?”

Today I worked on the screened porch with the waves crashing on the beach nearby and a fresh breeze tugging gently at my hair as I typed.Today I wondered what it would be like to stay here a few months out of the year. How wonderful would it be to work while looking out over the ocean?

Mmmmm. The crab cake and mango sauce (freshly prepared and brimming with flavor and scent) is wonderful. The “mixed vegetables” (which always scares me on a menu) is a delightful blend of fresh, crisp squash, zucchini, bell peppers and asparagus. Nothing canned or frozen here. I’m in heaven.

Today I interviewed my cousin — a man I’ve never met — by phone. I interviewed him to learn a bit more about his life, about his work and about his treasure-hunting profession. I mean, really…. wouldn’t YOU want to know more if you had a successful treasurer hunter in the family?

What he told me, his philosophy, his plans… they were all intriguing and I discovered that we have quite a bit in common. Especially on the topics of how important an education is and how living your dream is not only a right, but a necessity.

Soon, I hope to type up the interview into a blog and share it with you. But, for now, I think I’ll stop typing and enjoy my meal, my drink and my view. And in a few moments, I’ll pay my dinner bill of …. *drum roll* $13.00! I think I’ll have to come back here at least once more before I leave.

Jealous aren’t you?

The restaurant (with the beautiful view) is open to the public — if you are ever in Ft. Pierce. Just drop in on them. Seafare in Ocean Village off of A-1A. They don’t have a website (I asked) but they do have wonderful food.