Treasure Hunting on the Treasure Coast of Florida

Today, I was delighted to meet one of our cousin’s friends. This gentleman, Dave, came by to loan us a couple metal detectors and to impart his treasure-hunting wisdom. He also brought us milk and bread to help facilitate our breakfast and to save us the need to venture out before eating. (How nice!) He wore a Spanish silver coin framed in gold around his neck and had a pocketful of coins to show us what we were trying to find. He treasure-hunts professionally and is a diver as well.

Learning to treasure hunt on the beaches of Ft. Pierce, Florida

He gave us lessons on finding treasure. For one thing, he told us that waving the detector back and forth well above the top of the sand (the way we always see it done on the beach) is NOT the way to find a treasure. He demonstrated how to keep the sensor paddle grazing the top of the surface of the sand for better results, rather than swinging it side-to-side like a weed-whacker. He also told us not to toss little blackened flat rocks that we find into the ocean. He says lots of people skip these “false positives” back into the water, not realizing that they did, indeed, find treasure. … and that these are actually silver coins that merely need to be cleaned.

He also gave us the web page for a number of treasures that had been found on or near the beach where we are staying. One recent find, much to my excitement, was a beautiful multi-stoned emerald ring. Emeralds are my favorite! (My hubby even bought me an emerald engagement ring, knowing that I like them better than diamonds.)

The treasure hunting page shows several rings in gold and some set with Emeralds and Amethysts. (Did I mention that hubby had my emerald reset with amethysts on either side since I love those too?) My mouth waters over the ancient treasures. I become terribly materialistic when contemplating finding treasure.(And, just a little selfish.) Everyone agreed to split anything we found… unless I found an emerald — in which case everyone else was S.O.L. (simply out of luck). *grin* They of course disagreed with my exception to the rule.

We trotted out at low tide yesterday and wore ourselves out treasure hunting. My most amusing moment was when my Aunt Teresa (my mother’s youngest sister) was doing the detecting and I caught her looking away for a moment. I took off the silver band I always wear and tossed it just in front of her wand.

I must say the way she jumped and squealed when the detector went off was worth the entire afternoon of fruitless searching. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time. Thankfully, she is a good sport and didn’t threaten to smack me.

Another amusement was when she checked out a huge hole (at my request) that someone had dug into the beach. She promptly slid down into it on her backside — followed soon thereafter with the hilarity of her trying to get back out of the hole. Ever watched someone try to run up the side of hill of sand faster than the sand can shift? Well, now I have. I only regret that I didn’t have my camera aimed at her while it was happening so I could humiliate her online with that imagery.

Mom, her eldest sister Edna, and Mamaw had better luck. They found several treasures. They found a piece of wire, a dead jelly fish and Mamaw found a beautiful sea-borne seed. Tomorrow, while I’m working, they plan to go back out at low tide and look again. I guess I’ll find my treasures the old fashioned way tomorrow — slowly, by working online. :O)

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