Arrived in Fort Pierce, Florida

We arrived in Florida this evening. We decided to drive straight through afterall. It was a good trip, albeit a long one. My grandmother did quite well. Mom, her eldest sister and I did the driving. I should have had a bit more sleep before taking off, but when my workday ended yesterday I’d still not managed to find time to pack and I had a full system backup to complete.

It was late before I managed to crawl into bed. Tonight, I’m enjoying a great new environment and I am actually looking forward to working next week from this vantage point. I can hear the waves from the screened in porch where I have set up my desk on a small table. There’s a cool evening breeze and I’m thinking that working while everyone else is off doing the vacation thing isn’t really going to be so bad afterall — it’s going to be quite nice. Having a mobile office has enabled me to do this. I love the flexibility.

I hope to find the time to do some beach combing and I’d like to reduce my workday a bit for this week, but most of my clients have huge projects pending at the moment — three of which were discussed for the first time on Friday. So, it’s not going to be a vacation, but it should be an enjoyable week just the same.

Tonight, I’m going to crash where I can hear the ocean and feel the breeze. Tomorrow I hope to actually sleep in a bit, but everyone else is talking about getting up early and going to the beach to search for shells and treasures. I’d like to sleep late at least one day this week. That would be nice.

I plan to meet up with my partner, peer and friend, Jodi Diehl, for our annual meeting later in the week. That will be nice. It’s always enjoyable to meet her face-to-face, and it’s always a bit odd because we talk multiple times per day on shared projects and mutual clients, but we only see each other about once a year.

For now, it’s late, we were on the road for many hours and the lull of the waves is making my eyelids heavy, so I’m going to retire for the evening.