Voluntary Simplicity is Distracting Me

This week was a particularly long one. It was full of stuff that I ALMOST finished, but nothing that actually got completed. These stretches make me a bit crazy. It’s a time when, no matter which direction I turn… there’s more I should be doing and seemingly less that I’m getting done.

At times like these, I’ve noticed I start immersing myself in the minutia of my life…

For instance, I’ve been playing with the WordPress engine for Wicked Blog. I’ve also been trying to brush up and learn this system since several of my clients are going to be using it. So, I guess playing with my own site really is working on productive pursuits outside of my personal life — but I’ve noticed that this particular pursuit has been expanding to fill any time I allow it.

So, this weekend, on Saturday night, I stopped working on my site. I don’t do client work on the weekends anymore — no matter what. I’m trying to be a more well-balanced individual. But you know what? I still seem to find a multitude of things with which to busy myself and which leave me feeling less than rested when I begin a new week.

On the flip side, I can’t really justify lying around watching movies or reading when there’s so much I need to get done.

Case in point: I started trying to organize my iTunes late Saturday morning, in between work on the new blog format. Hence, I was always busy — never a moment of “downtime” — which, apparently, is the equilibrium my body seeks. Since I had a hard drive meltdown a few days ago — the third and final round with an external that is now destined to be drilled and thrown in the dump — I’ve had to rework much of the organization I’d managed to accomplish in the file structure of my music, videos and random content. Now, it’s like I never touched it. I had to start all over.

I don’t mind working — I love it — but I hate to REDO stuff. That makes me feel like I’m wasting my life. So this weekend, I’ve decided that the literal hundreds of CDs that I have are going to be transformed into digital content. Much of this has already been done, but there was still quite a bit missing. I’ve chased this tangent down a rabbit hole and now it’s the end of Sunday evening, and I almost have it completed. I’m on the last leg… but there hasn’t been much else accomplished.

Last weekend hubby and I sorted through the hundreds and hundreds of DVDs I’ve collected over the past few years. We have decided to sell about 1/3 of the collection. On this first pass, we are removing all that we know we won’t want to watch again. There’s a stack of probably 200 or so that we still have to “get through” to determine if we want to keep them or not. Many of the movies Wayne has never even seen.

I can’t believe I’ve collected so many! I don’t know if we should sell or donate the DVDs and the CDs. There are so many. But, at least we are making progress.

This week, I’ll be setting up Wayne’s computer so he can rip copies of all his CDs too. Then, when we travel, we will have our entire music collection on a uber hard drive. Right now, my music collection is just under 200 gigs, and frankly, I’m tired of storing it all in physical formats. Digital is so much easier, so much smaller, so much easier to port.

But at the end of my weekend, I’m sitting here amongst stacks and stacks of CDs and I don’t have my new blog skinned and pretty. I don’t have any of the things I planned to do done. But, I’m ever so close to having all my personal music collection organized and recorded. I guess that’s something.