I’m The Odd Man Out

I have been informed by my daughter that I’m now the “odd man out” in our family. Since she put on her brand new glasses, I’m the only one in the house that doesn’t wear glasses. And, she’s rather proud of hers (with good reason, they look adorable on her!)

She and I went in last week together. My own eye appointment went well. For the first time, I discussed the halo-effect I see with streetlights, and any other kind of light. After a bit of peering at my lenses, the doctor announced that I have some “cellular abnormalities” that make the halo effect when I look straight at a light. Oh goodie!

But, he assures me, that will all go away when I’m in my 70s and have my cataract surgery. (Whew, isn’t THAT a relief?!) In the meantime, it’s just one of those things that will annoy me and make it more difficult to see details at night.

When we took Alex to get her glasses, she wasn’t that thrilled. (My parents went with me and helped me to play up the event.) We told her that it was going to be hard to find really ugly, funny looking glasses for her — but that we would do our best. She was rather upset. Go figure.

And when we got to the shop, my parents and I all took turns bemoaning the fact that all the frames styles were too cute. We asked the lady to help us find really ugly, funny-looking ones and she said that she was sorry, but they didn’t carry any like that (she played her part beautifully too!)

By the time we left, having selected lavender-tinted wire-frames, my daughter was thrilled. After all, she’s nine and she had the opportunity to prance around in front of the mirror (in public) doing mini-makeovers by trying on every frame they had in the store. So far, she’s done a fine job of keeping the glasses on, keeping them protected and taking them off carefully using both hands so she doesn’t warp the frames.

Frames for kids are so much cuter now than they were when my son had to get his at the age of three and for Alex’s sake, I’m glad.

And she reported this week that before glasses, she could only see a “bump” on the teacher’s face that was her nose and now she can “see her iris and pupils!!!” She loves the change and I’m glad that she’s seeing more clearly now, although it is alarming that there’s been such a dramatic change since her last appointment a year and a half ago. I hope they are stable now.