Teasing My Hubby About Getting Old

My hubby had an appointment today to get his eyes checked. He told me about it when he finished. Apparently, he had “dark spots” that concerned the doctor. He was concerned about “colon polyps” as a result. Now, I’m not sure how someone can look in your eyes and tell you things about your insides… but I digress.

After a more thorough exam, he determined that is was just dark spots “like freckles” in his eyes — without any health issues attached.

We talked about the fact that he now has to hold his books out to “here” to be able to read and that he doesn’t want bifocals — it’s a vanity thing. He does, however plan to get a pair of reading glasses. I giggled. He scowled. I told him that I had a pair that I use when I’m working long hours — when the monitor starts to get blurry when my eyes get too tired. He scowled again.

So, I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at my poor hubby…

“Well, I’m glad your eyes are ok, even if they do need bi-focals and even if you have age spots on your irises.”

“I do NOT have age spots on my irises!” he objected, “The doctor said they were more like freckles.”

I giggled out loud and said, well, they will match the other “freckles” you are getting on your head (he noticed those age-spots last week, with much fanfare, alarm and chest-beating). And he scowled and reminded me that it was a good thing he loved me. I must agree.

(If he didn’t, he’d never put up with my antics.)