Playing with WordPress for WickedBlog

Today, I’ve been working away… on a new content management system for my blog. I’m running a tandem version of WickedBlog on a secure (can’t be spidered) production site. I must say, I’m enjoying the process. It’s also frustrating the be-jeepers out of me, but most new systems do.

I’m actually going to end up learning a little about CSS. Right now, my sheets don’t “cascade” yet — they kinda fumble around and fall alot. But, it’s still enjoyable.

My family doesn’t understand that this isn’t “work” even though I’ve been doing it for hours. They say it LOOKS like work, what with me crunched up over my keyboard, running both monitors about three layers thick and cursing under my breath on a regular schedule. But it’s not. (I don’t usually curse when I’m working — only when I’m trying to learn something elusive.)

I’m not going to be doing the twice a day blogs for a while — at least not until I can get the new WordPress blog up and running. And that means finding the tag cloud I want, re-evaluating how my information will be delivered and finding a way to make it easier on my readers to find what they seek. I’ve noticed from my referral logs that quite a few visitors have not been able to get to the stories that they were seeking because Google is still sending them to the old location ( rather than sending them here, despite my forward on the server side.

I think today it began to catch up. The traffic here on WB more than doubled. I hope to have a fresh new look and an easier to navigate index up within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ll try to continue to post a blog a day… or so.

Now, back to my plugin troubleshooting, recolors and themes!