Prevent PDF Files From Freezing Your Browser

It makes me crazy to have to wait. I’m not a patient woman. I’m just not.

I’m also a multi-tasker. There is seldom a time when I have less than a dozen processes going at once. So, when my FireFox is all locked up because I hit a link that, unknown to me, is a PDF, because I failed to check the URL at the bottom of my screen when hovering over a link… I get a wee bit antsy.

I’ve found a few ways to help curtail that frustration for fellow FireFox users: Courtesy of enblogopedia (read after reading about the FireFox plugins that prevent PDF launching at Blog Herald) I offer the following:

  1. From Tools > Options > Content
  2. Under “Files Types” click on Manage
  3. Choose the file type you would like to handle (in this case pdf)
  4. Click on “Change Action” and a list of actions will appear
    • First choice is to open the desired file type with its default program (Here Adobe Acrobat)
    • Second, is to open the file type with other application – your favorite application
    • Third, to save it to your Computer (I believe this is the choice all of us will choose!)
    • And finally, open the file within the browser.

Having gone plugin crazy a couple of times (and then having to clean house to regain decent launch times) I’d have to agree that a plugin solution should be avoided if there is a built in option to fix the problem. Just wanted to share the info with other readers who are equally impatient by nature ;O)