Two of the Best Celebrity Custom Sims 2 Skins I’ve Ever Seen

While searching for cool skins for my Sims Life Stories game, I tripped across two of the prettiest, most life-like Sims2 skins that I’ve every seen… And I’ve seen ALOT of Sims skins!

These are, unfortunately, too large for me to download on my Sims Life Stories game, but if I were running standard Sims 2, they would be a staple! They put the standard Maxis skins (and most of the other skins available) to shame! – Keira Knightly – Orlando Bloom

I also found the following beautiful skins that WILL run on Life Stories and are simply lovely: (the Opaline was one of my favorites when I was running full Sims 2 and I’m pleased to have it back “on board” in my new version.)

I also found (but have not tried) the following skins: (a default set that replaces the standard Maxis skins)

And this pretty skin:

I think ModTheSims2 is my new favorite site for really nice Simmie stuff!