Need Blogging Help? This Writer May Be Your Godsend.

If you read my articles, you know I think you should be blogging. You should. Period.

But if you read my stuff, you also know that I don’t advocate ghost bloggers, nor do I ghost blog for others. But, I have run into a writer who has a firm handle on the ethical side of helping business people blog — and her name is JJ Murphy.

She offers blogging assistance to the shy would-be blogger to help you get your ideas — your OWN ideas — down in print and published on your blog. So if you know the articles you should be writing, but never have the time to finish up the ideas, she may be your first-class ticket into the blogosphere. JJ offers writing assistance in the blog arena and selects her clients carefully. She won’t accept those merely looking to cash in on the blogging craze, but she will help those who are writing-challenged to massage and polish their blogs into magnificence. Consider her your blogging “stager” — she makes your ideas come across well. She helps you showcase your expertise, and she makes you look good online.

JJ will not take over and write blogs for you. She will, however, help you to come up with topics and she will even help you to pull together some research, if you need additional assistance. She’s picky, she’s expensive and she’s worth the investment if you want to get your blog up and running and yesterday isn’t soon enough for your time table.

To learn more about JJ, you can visit her website or call her to learn more about polishing your expertise into an impressive blog.