Latest Motion Computer Tablet Offers RFID Technology and Camera Onboard

Kevin Tofel, over on JKontheRun featured the news that the latest Motion Computer for the medical industry had been unveiled. (How did I MISS that one? — thanks for the heads up, Kevin!)

What’s so cool about this new offering?The new Motion C5 Tablet PC has a built in RFID – radio frequency technology (for wrist ID bands), and something I’ve been wanting on my own Tablet PC — a built in camera! It also has a “disinfectable” semi-sealed interface (something I could PROBABLY use on mine, considering how grimy it gets), and a metal internal frame and a grab-handle at the top.

The white chassis is iPodesque, but cool. What doesn’t it have? A touch screen. I’d imagine that having a touch screen like the one they offer for other service industry use would be welcome (if not almost essential) in this environment.

The new C5 still awaits FCC approval before being sold, but it’s a nice new offering from my favorite Tablet PC manufacturer.