Should You Switch to Vista?

Before you decide to switch to Vista, you may want to read a few reviews of the largest media rollout of a new operating system in history.

It’s been enough to bring those hold outs (like me) who have been considering Linux and other options, out of the closet. I’m now planning to work with open source software that is XP compatible in 2007 and do a switch to Linux in 2008.

By doing this in stages, I’m not learning all new software AND a new operating system all at once. I’ve not made a firm decision yet, but it’s looking more like Linux is looming in my future all the time. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you may want to consider carefully before “upgrading” to Vista. You should know what you are giving up and what the risks really are.

In addition to issues with digital rights, you may want to consider the questions of system performance and CPU hogging among others. For instance, you may want to read the following information:

PC World’s Reasons You Should Not Upgrade to Windows Vista Operating System< A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
Vista is illegal in European Union
Vista is less reliable, less secure

And you may also want to do your own Google search for problems with Vista.

Additional reading: