My Valentines Day Gift: Sims Life Stories

My hubby picked me up a copy of Sims Life Stories for Valentines day, and I must admit I’ve really enjoying my new little Sims. As a long-time player of Sims and Sims 2 (I have had ALL the expansion packs), I’m still happy with this “toned down” version of the game. Why? Because it does something the other versions have never done…Unlike the predecessors, this Sims can play in a window! Now, this means that doing online “poking about” — I was also “Simming” in a window on my second monitor. As a natural multi-tasker, I must say I love that ability. I love it enough to put up with less.

I also like that the “fears” have been removed, that I no longer have to pay those blasted bills (or deal with the collectors, when my simmies forgot). I do miss being able to send my simmies to college. Ironically, I don’t really miss the ability to open a business (I guess I have enough of that in my real life — go figure!).

If I could ask for a few improvements between this one and the next two (a pets version and a deserted island version), I’d ask that a way to scroll the screen be added. The edge scrolling option is grayed out in both the “story” play and in the “free” play modes when the sims are in a window. I’d like to see more “pen” friendly actions for those tablet users among us. After all, this is the “mobile edition” of the Sims — designed to be mobile pc friendly. (It does offer keyboard shortcuts that would be really nice for me, if it were on a laptop.)

Sims Tip For Tablet PC Users:
I did discover that the “zoom” functionality can be handled (without activating the right click), if you tap the “+” or the “-” and then “drag” your pen-tip just off the symbol (and off the circle that surrounds the navigation buttons), WITHOUT raising your pen off the surface of the tablet — it will continue to zoom in (or out) without a hundred tiny taps.

I’ve played with custom content a bit over the years and like the ability to customize my Sims, their objects and other hacks. But, the only thing I really miss on this version is the ability to modify the Sims themselves. I miss my really pretty, realistic eyes. I miss my custom hair styles and some of my signature “Sims” that I created from custom parts. I understand that keeping it “mobile friendly” is why this functionality was limited, but I’d like it if the EA Games folks trusted the owners to know that a limited number of custom items would keep things moving smoothly, rather than blocking the use of custom content completely.

I want some decent hair, dang it! I don’t WANT my Simmies to look like everyone else’s Simmies — it’s one of the primary draw of playing Sims, for goodness sakes!

But, all that aside — it’s been months and months since I’ve actually played Sims. When I was doing other things on the computer, I couldn’t play Sims2 — and when I wasn’t doing anything else on the computer — I wasn’t about to sit and play games. So, aside from loading up Sims2 and playing just long enough to prove that it worked on the Tablet — I’ve not really played.

Now, I probably will. Right now, for example, Serena Soul (my Simmie) is eating a fine dinner of Spaghetti while her roomie is sleeping — all while I’m writing this blog! I also wish the 800×600 screen option actually shrunk down the Simmies, not just my window into their world.

All-in-all, I’m thrilled to have Simmies back! (I have such a cool hubby!)

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(Note Added later this evening: Visit here – – to learn a bit more about modifying SLS with custom content… I’m headed to my hard drive to locate my favorite modification file archives for my old Sims — Nightlife and earlier — to try them here. Whoo Hooo!)

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