Tiny Spaces, Budget Decorating and an Experiment in Frugality

I was cruising the web today… I honestly don’t know how it started. I think it was back tracking some referrals on voluntary simplicity that led to my own blog. I found a couple pretty cool sites that I thought I’d share with those interested in living a life less complicated, and learning to decorate on the cheap in the small spaces of a tiny home (or apartment).

  • For decorating on the cheap and handling small spaces gracefully, visit The Home Decorating Coach’s site. (update 3/2017: link is broken)
  • If you want to watch as a frugality fanatic pushes the limits, visit the Simple Living topic at Broken Arrow. It’s both entertaining and informative. (update 2/2014: link is broken)
  • Ever considered what it would be like to live in a small boat — full time? Visit Rudderless, and Loving It for an insider’s view.

As I get closer to the time we plan to hit the road in the Tradewind… I wonder more and more what I can do to make this 24′ living space comfortable for three on a full-time basis. I think it would be pretty easy without the space demands of a full-fledged office, but I’m encountering challenges as I try to determine how to set up my office smaller when we hit the road.

Right now, while the Airstream is being used only as an office, it’s downright roomy. I don’t really use the sleeping area or the bathroom area, so I’m only using about half of the available space. But when I have to give up the area where the fold out couch goes (where my current desk lives) so Alex will have a place to sleep — things are probably going to get a bit more interesting.

I’m already planning on scaling down my desk. I actually bought a desk to try now… before we hit the road… to see if I can make it work. I’m still hours and hours from being paperless and my son seems to have lost interest in the scanning project. I hope to have it all completed before the end of 2007. I’m working on having systems in place to stay paperless from this point forward, so I’ll only have the backlog to manage, record and catalog.

I like the trend in tiny houses, in smaller living spaces. And I read a recent survey that stated that it’s becoming more mainstream — that people who are given the option between more physical space (square footage) and nicer details are going with the smaller dwellings. I like it. I like it alot!

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