Quote Karma

Today, while working on a newsletter, I went in search of a perfect quote to verbally “illustrate” a story’s concept. I love searching for quotes. I love collecting quotes. But today, I found a handful of quotes that, taken together, pretty much sum up my professional stance, beliefs and my view of my work. Some of them sound very much like sentences I’ve uttered in the recent past, others are awesomely new in delivery (like the one on an entrepreneur).

I call it “quote karma” and I wanted to share…“An entrepreneur plows the field and it weakens the idea that change isn’t possible.” – Bill Drayton, CEO, Ashoka

“Magic is an action of moving from the ether into reality, a transformation. Something that never existed suddenly appears.” –
Marshall Monroe, Marshall Monroe Magic

“Making magic is a lot of hard work.” – Eric Witt, director of legislative affairs for the governor of New Mexico

“Creativity is organic. You can’t plan for it.” –Richard Florida, author, “The Flight of the Creative Class”

“Ten years from now, your phone will be your wallet.” –Bob Wesley, CEO, MobileLime

“I can do my job better if I have firsthand exposure to the good, the bad, and the ugly.” – Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

“Branding is about leveraging all the senses.” –
Karen Post, branding consultant

“The thing that’s most to be feared, is doing the same thing over and over again.” – Paula Scher, Graphic Designer/Partner at Pentagram

“In many ways, an office job is like a prison sentence.” – Michael Malice, co-creator, OverheardintheOffice.com

“Blogs enable you to have a relationship with your public, whatever that public is.”- Jeff Jarvis, author, Buzz Machine

“Story will always be king, no matter how much we love the technology.” –Ethan Marten, film producer

“The spirit of social computing is the concept of leaving value in your wake.” –Bradley Horowitz, head of technology development, Yahoo

“Mass market has been replaced by a mass of niches.” –Jeff Jarvis, consultant, BuzzMachine.com

“Clients don’t want to hear about the labor pains. They just want to see the baby.” –Andy Lansing, CEO, Levy Restaurants

If you would like to seek out your own “quote karma” — you can visit FastCompany where I found most of these quotes — there are others that I don’t find particularly fitting for me, which may be perfect for you!